The Paranormal

This section is devoted to all the things that we don’t understand or can’t rationalize logically.  It may be spiritual or it may be an over active imagination. Regardless, it is the unexplained that may cause fear or anxiety.

Lorri refers to the paranormal in her award winning book, Heaven Time-Discovering a New Way of Life After a Near-Death Experience, this way:  “Paranormal, as a label, is the whole wastebasket that contains everything for which we do not have any logical answer. However, paranormal is just that: what science can’t prove, what religion doesn’t like, and what ego needs to label.”

When there is no logical answer for the unexplained then our imagination runs wild and our fear controls our behavior and actions. But what if there was an answer to something that causes fear?  Then fear could not exist anymore.

The purpose of this section is to examine the unexplained logically so fear and anxiety cannot exist allowing you the freedom to make good decisions.

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