Dear Lorri

I just finished reading your book this morning and was compelled to write you. You are very courageous to share such a personal story. I am grateful for the message in Heaven Time and thank you for sharing your story. 

Although I am in a tough place, Heaven Time has helped me to stay positive and know that I’m where I’m meant to be right now. I found it interesting that as I attempted to recognize triggers there seemed to be more of them to recognize! Fortunately this evened out within a few days.

I’m doing my best to stay in alert consciousness but it is so easy to slip into mindless thought. Best of luck with your future endeavors and I hope to see you again soon.

Warmest Regards,

Violet Anderson


“Lorri Brewer’s heart stopped and she died on September 19, 2010. She then had a remarkable near death experience. Of over 3000 near death experiences that I have studied in my research, Lorri’s stands out as exceptional. Her triumph over the pain of her close brush with death became a joyous celebration of the great spiritual wisdom that she learned from her experience. The spiritual insights from Lorri and her angelic guides are inspiring. Lorri’s understandings that she shares throughout her book could change your life. You won’t want to miss Heaven Time which is highly recommended as a beautiful and well written book teeming with spiritual treasures.”

Jeffrey Long, M.D. – Author, New York Times bestseller Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences – Founder, Near Death Experience Research Foundation,

What an incredible experience! After I read Lorri’s book, Heaven Time I was interested and curious about what type of energy Lorri could tap into. Lorri focused on my late mom’s energy and she was able to tell me things about my life from a different perspective that opened my eyes. Lorri explained how energy works in relationships and told me things that no one could have known. The messages I got were only positive and came through for my best interest to help me move forward.

After I had my session I recommended Lorri to my friends! It was so unbelievable how much stuff Lorri knew about my late Dad and I was blown away how she could know all this stuff… After our session was finished what she told me about my relationships, my life and my direction. This session really opened up my mind to new possibilities. A session like this would benefit anyone, don’t let your fear hold you back it was great!

Susan D – Edmonton, AB

Hi Lorri,

Have registered for the workshop on February 16th workshop and so looking forward to it. Have really enjoyed the last two workshops I have attended.

In conversation with Gaylene, I know you are aware of my mother’s passing. Though it was somewhat expected, it also took me by surprise as I didn’t expect it would happen so quickly. Your book and your experience, plus the workshops helped immensely to know that she is at peace. We had said our goodbyes in the weeks before so though it was easier to accept her passing, I’m missing her and the phone visiting we did weekly.  Have thought countless times, “should give Mom a call”. Instead now, I talk to her as I do Dad, with my heart.

Thank you, Lorri.  Looking forward to the workshop.

Love, Nancy

“I started reading it (Heaven Time) and was inspired to learn more so I recently attended Lorri’s workshop called “Raising Spiritual Consciousness.”  

The workshop and her book is helping me recognize my emotions and how I can use them in a positive way to bring love and light into my world. I am learning to quiet my mind. It is not always easy and this is a new path for me but every once in a while when I can calm my mind – It is very peaceful:) I would recommend her workshops to anyone looking to learn how to reconnect and slow down in our crazy busy world. I feel very lucky that I met Lorri when I did and for that I am grateful.”

Gaylene S

Dear Lorri,

“Bravo!  I send you my heartfelt gratitude. I applaud your courage, kindness, and compassion as you put yourself out there. You are obviously authentic, down-to-earth, and approachable. No one who is spiritually aware would doubt your authenticity or judge you harshly. Your message is powerful, and so are you. Sitting in your energy at the Expo and reading your book served as a catalyst for a cascade of spiritual shifts and understandings in my life.”

Love, Shannon Y

“When I read Heaven Time, I was captivated by Lorri’s struggle and her desire to overcome the newness that she was living with after her near-death experience. Instead of overcoming it, she learned to embrace it! Heaven Time was written to help others who want to find peace, and joy, and selflessness while they reside here on Earth. Her story will grab you and make you think about how you can be a better person.”

Amy VanVleck

“Powerful and practical. Lorri Brewer pours her heart out, sharing her verifiable near-death experience and her struggles and joys after returning to life. Her newfound ability to communicate with angelic teachers allows her to share with her readers answers to common questions about the afterlife as well as ways they can attain the same gift.”

Ann Frances Ellis M.Div., Ph.D. – International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS Tulsa Group Leader)


I recently lost my husband and I felt confused about my future. I have been thinking a lot about the direction I should take and what I needed to do to get on with my life. A friend of mine told me about Lorri and her incredible near death experience. Since I just lost my husband I was curious to talk with someone who had a near death experience and after hearing from my friend how accurate Lorri was, I booked my own private session.

I’ve never met Lorri before and she knew nothing of my situation. After losing my husband, the last six years of my life felt like I was stuck in limbo and I wanted to know how to move forward in life. I was astounded how much Lorri could tell me about the things that happened in the past and how accurate she was. Her accuracy gave me the validation and reassurance I needed to help me make some important decisions to move on.

After the session was over, I had a mixture of emotions. I felt emotionally exhausted but relieved. I was very comforted by the messages that came through and I had a new determination and a renewed focus on the direction that I wanted to take with my life. I never realized how emotionally drained I was from carrying the world on my shoulders until Lorri helped me to remove the weight of the world.

Before I met Lorri and had a private session with her, I was functioning in life but not really living. Now after my private session I can confidently say that Lorri has validated information that has helped me move forward and I’m excited to get on with the next phase in my life.

Liz H – Edmonton



“In my first four weeks of personal coaching I have experienced immense personal growth. I am seeing improvements in my relationship with my husband, my young children’s behavior, my effectiveness at work and most noticeably with my own happiness and confidence.

I have tried many things over the past 5 years in my search for happiness, to no avail. Therapy, medication, naturopathy, energy work, etc have all given me small, short-lived improvements.

However, I have never felt the way I felt after my first week with Lorri.
Her straight forward approach and detailed, personalized plan will have you seeing and feeling results immediately!

The journey may not be easy and Lorri will give you some difficult tasks, but with faith in her method you will be feeling a difference in such a short time.

Now that I have started a new journey in my second phase of personal coaching I cannot even explain the joy I feel on a daily basis!”

Lindsay W


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