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Since April 28, 1997, Lorri Brewer has been in the real estate industry for 19 years and all of her clients enjoy reaping the reward of her experience, knowledge, expertise, and compassion.

As well as award winning author, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Lorri Brewer is also a licensed Real Estate practitioner in Canada.

Lorri Brewer is trained and qualified to trade within the real estate industry in Residential, Rural, Commercial, and Property Management as an Associate Broker.

She has an impressive sales portfolio in residential, rural, recreational and lakefront properties.

Lorri’s professionalism, attention, and generosity are what separates her from other agents within the industry.


Contact Lorri Brewer today if you would like more information about one of her specialties below: 

First Responders (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Military, Health Practitioners),
Stigmatized Properties (North America)
Seniors (65+ years) downsizing from single family dwelling,
Estates & Probates (Executors)
Co-Listing & Referral  (Co-operates with other real estate agents)


If you would like to speak privately with Lorri regarding any of your real estate needs, please Contact her Directly. She responds within 15 minutes from receiving your inquiry.

She is ready to speak with you and is always happy to help!