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Since April 28, 1997 Lorri has been in the real estate industry (19 years) and all of her clients enjoy reaping the reward of her experience, knowledge, expertise, and compassion.

After her near-death experience in 2010, Lorri took some time off from sales to write her book but maintained her connection with the real estate industry. She began working for other brokerages as a Real Estate Consultant, helping new or struggling Brokers, streamline their daily corporate operations to maximize their profitability.

Lorri was successful in getting her first book published in 2012 called, Heaven Time-A New Way of Life After a Near-Death Experience.
Heaven Time is about her intimate near-death experience and she details how to listen to your inner voice. It has received powerful endorsements from two American physicians that specialize in the study of near-death experiences.

Lorri Brewer’s book has completed its second print run and has sold more than 3,000 copies! Heaven Time recently won two prestigious American literary awards in 2014 and 2015 empowering Lorri the privilege of a large speaking platform as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

As well as award winning author, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Lorri Brewer is also a licensed Real Estate practitioner in Canada.

Based on her near-death experience, the success in her corporate work, and after speaking with hundreds of people, Lorri has created a unique brand of real estate called Compassionate Care Real Estate Services.


Developing Compassionate Care Real Estate Service

While Lorri was working with the terminally ill and the grieving, she embraced the words Compassionate Care. It became apparent to her that people, who have lost a loved one either tragically, violently, or naturally, requires more specialized attention and care.

Also, in her work speaking with First Responders, Caregivers, Military, and Health Care Workers it showed that they need our attention. They are the front line workers that protect us by responding to our calls when we are hurt, sick, scared, or dying.

Although the First Responder needs are different, they too require a specialized plan that meets their requirements. When they are busy taking care of us, who is taking care of them?

Lorri’s speaking engagements and coaching sessions soon became a very large platform to meet hundreds of people from all walks-of-life. She appreciated the opportunity to ask all of these people what they truly needed and what she could do to turn their struggle into a smoother journey.

After gathering vast amounts of information, the daunting task began putting it all together. It took a year of corporate planning, team structuring, training and developing, and countless hours of market research, before Compassionate Care Real Estate was developed.


Launching Compassionate Care Real Estate Service

The word Compassionate Care refers to the Healthcare Industry. The meaning varies greatly depending on the type of service you require.

Generally compassionate care means: to give special care and attention to someone in need.

However, the real estate industry does not offer compassion and it never will. It is a multi-billion dollar business.

It is an industry fixated on money. You will either make a lot of money or you will learn some painful financial lessons that could put you into bankruptcy.

Although Compassionate Care Real Estate Service seems to be a huge contradiction, Lorri Brewer is passionate about the real estate industry and compassionate to the people who need it most.


Lorri created a few special real estate plans for:

Seniors, First Responders, Health Care Workers, Caregivers, Victims of Crime, Grieving Families, and those in financial loss.

After you speak with Lorri, you will appreciate that her expertise, experience, and compassion are what separates her from other agents!


Lorri Brewer Specializes in:

First Responders (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Military, Health Practitioners),

Stigmatized Properties (North America)

Seniors (65+ years) downsizing from single family dwelling,

Estates & Probates (in North America)

Referrals & Co-Listing (co-operating with other agents)


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