What is Spiritual Energy?

We believe that the body is made up of two parts: physical and energy. And it has six (6) senses.

The physical component is made up of 5 physical senses: Hear, See, Feel, Touch, Taste, and Smell.

We rely heavily on these five senses every day to guide us in life. We can function perfectly fine if we are missing a couple of these physical senses because our sixth sense becomes highly sensitive.

The energetic component contained within the body, we believe, is what some call a soul, spirit, or energy.

The spirit is the body’s sixth energetic sense: call our intuition. Intuition resides within your spiritual energy (soul, spirit,)

Now let’s say that something were to happen to the physical body that it could no longer sustain life, the five senses could no longer work.
But what happened to the sixth sense? Only the physical component of the body was terminated. The energetic part remains to be active.

Since energy isn’t physical matter, energy can never die. That is why Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed”.

Spiritual Energy is non-denominational. It doesn’t recognize religion only humans do.

When a Spiritual House Cleansing Service is performed, it is the process that clears the unwanted vibrational energy.



How Can Houses or Land Hold Energy?

Anything that is created by particles, molecules, atoms, cells, etc is capable of holding energy. Therefore everything holds energy.

But holding energy is a natural part of life for everyone and everything. It is when an object gets bombarded with energy that it will continue to absorb all that it can.

Once it can no longer absorb the energy it will start to repel the excess energy. If the surroundings are filled with negativity then the object, house, land, or office will start to feel heavy.

Many people believe that when they buy a house, the energy of the previous owners gets passed on to them. There is some truth to that only insofar as the house is carrying some of the previous owner’s energetic baggage.

The simple way to resolve this matter is by having the house energetically cleansed before you take possession or before you put any of your possessions in that home.

If you have the carpets professionally cleaned before you move in, no reason not to have the house energetically professionally cleaned as well.

When stigmatized houses, land, and old buildings hold energy it is hard for sellers to find a willing buyer to purchase. This is why is it so important to understand how energy works if you have real estate investments.



How Can the Energy of Someone Who Has Died Linger In A House or on Land?

There is a professional real estate term called, Stigmatized Properties. When someone dies in a house naturally a piece of their spiritual energy remains there as a source of comfort to the family.

When there is a violent death of one or many, the spiritual energy is more intense even though you can’t see it. You can feel it when you walk into the home.

Violence is a horrible act that has a triple punch. The house, land, neighbor, community will feel the shift in energy. The negative act of violence remains energetically in the home. And with the loss of human life, the spiritual energy will remain lingering in the home.

Often real estate agents are not properly equipped to deal with Stigmatized Properties and will continually lower the price of the property until someone buys it.

But the lingering negative energy from the violent act, the loss of life, the shift within community, and the emotional trauma of the neighbors, never allows the land, house, or community to go back to neutrality.

That is why Lorri created a specialized Listing Plan for Stigmatized PropertiesLaunching May 16, 2016



Why Should We Do An Energetic Clearing?

A spiritual house cleansing is a good idea to do on a regular basis. It keeps everything in neutrality, leaves visitors feeling healthy and peaceful, and it is simple if you do on a regular basis.

However, many people have NEVER had an energetic clearing done, have no idea how to do it, and don’t know why they should do it.

You need to begin to think about energy clearing like washing dishes, vacuuming or taking out the garbage.

Would it ever occur to you to NEVER take out your garbage or wash dishes?  No of course not, because your house would begin to smell and you wouldn’t have any plates to eat on. Your two physical senses: smell and sight would be screaming at you!

Now what happens if your house was physically clean but you lived in a hostile and negative environment? Your sixth sense would be screaming at you but you’re not able to recognize the warning signals.

There are significant markers that indicate a good Spiritual House Cleanse is necessary.



Significant Markers That Indicate a Spiritual House Cleansing is Necessary

In fairness, we utilize our 5 senses every day to keep us safe. Sight, Smell, Sound, Touch and Taste. But our intuition may or may not be very well used. If we do use it, we may not know if we can trust it.

So if you can’t trust your intuition or don’t believe in a sixth sense, here are a few energetic markers that are great indicators that you might want to get a Spiritual House Cleansing done.

  • Sudden or chronic illness
  • Insomnia and unusual new sleep pattern
  • Unexplained bad dreams/nightmares
  • Sudden change in behavioral patterns or unusual behavioral problems
  • Children are restless, moody, irritable,
  • Changes in appetites, food cravings,
  • Sudden weight loss or gain,
  • Anxiety, nervousness, fear, unsettled feelings
  • Argumentative-with spouse, children, co-workers, family, friends
  • Fatigue-waking up more exhausted than you went to bed;
  • Everything feels heavy, dark, stuffy, and hard to take deep breath

If you are sensitive to energy, you may inadvertently feel spiritual energy and it may make you feel uncomfortable or scared. As a new sensitive, your markers may be a bit different. You may:

  • Feel anxious, worried, obsessive, concerned about other small issues,
  • Read a lot about paranormal, ghosts, psychic abilities, metaphysics,
  • Look for validation from others about what you’re seeing and feeling,
  • Will take spiritual classes, workshops, seminars to understand,
  • You many visit psychics or clairvoyants to get some confirmation and answers,

You may have all of these markers and you may only have a few. Remember these are only general indicators that your space needs a good energetic cleansing.

These are the markers the Paranormal Team feels when they are asked to do a Spiritual House Cleansing. It is these indicators and many more that they use to determine the energy patterns of the space.

If you do have majority of these markers and you’ve been trying to do your own Energetic Cleansing, please note that it is difficult to do an efficient cleanse on a trouble space. That is why doctors don’t operate on their own family members—conflict of the heart.



What is A Spiritual House Cleansing?

A Spiritual House Cleansing may also be called an Energetic House Clearing. They mean the same thing as they both set the same intention to rid any physical building, land, or space of unwanted energy.

The purpose of a spiritual house cleanse is to put the space back to neutrality and teach the owner how to keep their sacred space free of negative energy.

The Spiritual House Cleansing Service with Lorri Brewer’s Paranormal Team will consist of an energetic assessment, perform clearing process dependent on their findings, and give you with a 30 minute consultation. The entire appointment will take approximately two (2) hours.

The Assessment: during the assessment they will walk through the home (with or without you present depending on circumstances) and identify any energetic hot spots. This usually takes around 30 minutes depending on the size of the property.

The Energetic Clearing: based on their initial assessment the team will decide what the best remedy to use to put the space back into neutrality.

NOTE: Sage is not always used. That is a powerful clearing smudge that isn’t always necessary. Also if there are any allergies in the home please advise the team in advance of the appointment.

The 30 Minute Consultation: lastly they will have a thirty minute follow-up consultation with you to discuss their findings, share their remedy, and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.




Lorri Brewer is a Past Victim Services Board Member and VSU Volunteer. She volunteers her time to any VSU that requests her to speak to their community or help them in times of tragedy and crisis. She donates copies of her book for fundraising efforts as well as all her VSU speaking engagements.

We will be contacting Victim Service Units throughout Alberta and offering a complimentary Spiritual House Cleansing Service to victims of crime. It is our way to support the victims, give back to the community, and support the volunteers as a resource in times of tragedy and crisis.

It will be at the discretion of the Victim Service Coordinator and the VSU Volunteers to share our information and initiate a Spiritual House Cleansing Request.


In January 2015 Lorri offered her help to a small community that needed an extra resource to get them all through a very sad tragedy. Here is what the Victim Service Coordinator had to say about Lorri:

“Last December, right before Christmas, our community faced a heart wrenching tragedy with the deaths of two very young boys in a motor vehicle accident. Our whole community was also impacted. Everyone was grieving in some way.

A wonderful lady named Lori Brewer stepped forward with an offer to help in any way possible. She is an award winning author of the book ‘Heaven Time’, a near death survivor and an exceptional speaker on understanding loss and grief recovery.

We invited her into our community to do a presentation for us at a time when those suffering most needed to gain a sense of understanding. She became a much needed resource for our VSU personnel, our frontline workers and care givers (EMT staff and nurses), as well as community members.

Lorri Brewer was a great resource in our time of need and her presentation to our community was incredibly helpful and well received. I hope that you would consider her as an inspiring prospect to move your community forward.”

Patricia Jones
Client Services Coordinator



Who Would Benefit From a House Cleansing Service?

The Spiritual House Cleansing Service was created for 3 reasons:
1. To help people understand what negative energy is and how harmful it can be;
2. To empower them to take control of their own energetic space.
3. To teach others how to do it for themselves


Situations where Spiritual House Cleansing Would be Necessary

• Child abuse in home
• Death in family
• Death in the house
• Divorce taking place
• Home owner works in: Palliative Care, Hospital etc
• Homicide
• Major Renovation: before and after (especially if building is old)
• Moving in with roommate
• New baby coming home from hospital
• Suicide
• Taking possession of new home
• Violence in Home


More Information

If you would like more information on spiritual energy clearing, have any questions, or would like to contact us please email us at paranormal@lorribrewer.com



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