What is Paranormal?

“Paranormal, as a label, is the whole wastebasket that contains everything for which we do not have any logical answer. However, paranormal is just that: what science can’t prove, what religion doesn’t like, and what ego needs to label.” Lorri Brewer award winning author of ‘Heaven Time-Discovering a New Way of Life After a Near-Death Experience’

Einstein said, ‘Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.’ It is clear to many that everything in our universe contains energy. But many of us find it difficult to remain open to feel that energy.

If you are sensitive, then you will know that the most difficult task is learning how to correctly translate what the energy you’re feeling means.

We often get gut feelings but have no idea how to translate its meaning. Many times we don’t pay attention to our intuition and then we find ourselves in an unfavorable situation, where we say to ourselves, “I should have listened to my gut!”

But what if you could validate, test, and confirm what each one of your intuitive messages mean? I bet you would be extremely confident to trust what you felt when you were dealing with energy.

That is precisely what the Paranormal Team did for the past year to become highly accurate. It took countless hours of dedication, patience, and commitment. It was painstakingly frustrating at times but in the end, they said it has been very rewarding and continues to be a challenge that they happily embrace.


About The Paranormal Team

We understand that everyone is naturally gifted with an intuitive ability. However, some people work really hard to master their talent and strengthen their ability.

Lorri has been working with two amazingly talented sisters that are beyond instinctively intuitive. They have worked extremely hard to be astoundingly accurate with their information and their professions assist them in handling difficult situations very well.

They work constantly on their ability and have produced remarkable results. Lorri is pleased to introduce her Paranormal Team!

Welcome Melissa Maycher and Lindsay Welch – these two advisors are an integral part of Lorri’s team.


What Does the Paranormal Team Do?

It is our belief is that the soul’s energy is preserved within the universe after departing from this physical realm. This energy may linger, attach itself to objects or people, and may differ in intensity.

Sometimes this energy can be felt by other sensitive human beings and this may begin to affect the dynamics of your home life. Children, for example, may begin to have disrupted sleep, there may be an unusual heaviness felt in the home, or it may be difficult to sell a home due to the potential buyers’ uneasy feelings upon entering the home. This is especially the case with stigmatized properties.

On the other end of the spectrum there may have been a death in the home or within the family of the owners. All of this energy may attach itself to the home, or surrounding land, and begin to affect the inhabitants in the home, visitors or even your neighbors within the community. This is where we can assist. We provide a service called Spiritual House Cleansing and it is available to everyone.

We are intuitives that have trained and developed our sensitivities to be very accurate and feel this sort of energy. We will determine effective ways to remove any negative energy, neutralize the environment and/or community, and empower you to take control of your living space through education.

Besides Spiritual House Cleansings, we are an integral part of Lorri’s Compassionate Care Real Estate Service and Community Resolution Program. It is our goal to develop a positive flow of energy by removing any blockages within your home, land (yard), office, and community.

We will leave you with a sense of peace, feeling empowered and confident, and will offer you guidance to continue on your own. Your home/community will be restored to feeling much lighter and happier once again.

We have included our personal bio if you would like more information or have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at paranormal@lorribrewer.com

We share this email address, so kindly specify in the subject line which team member you would like to hear from. If you are seeking information, and a name is not specified in the subject line, both of us may happily respond.

Looking forward to meeting with you soon,

Melissa and Lindsay


What Is A Spiritual House Cleansing?

Another term for Spiritual House Cleansing has also been called an Energetic House Clearing. A Spiritual House Cleansing appointment will consist of an assessment, the actual clearing, and a 30 minute consultation with you. The entire appointment will take approximately two hours.

All of Lorri Brewer’s Real Estate Clients can request to receive a 30 Minute Spiritual House Cleansing as a complementary part of her listing service.

Lorri’s real estate clients will receive suggestions and easy to follow instructions how to maintain the flow of positive energy throughout the home. If necessary, follow up energetic clearings will be available for the duration of the listing period.

Feel confident to Book Your Spiritual House Cleansing Appointment today!


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