My spiritual journey began long before any formal education. Although I knew I had a special intuitive ability, it was also important for me to share my compassion with others. Since the gift of breath is vital to all life forms and without it we can no longer exist, I chose to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

My work is a platform of mortality. I have encountered the transition of souls from here in the physical world to the spiritual realm many times. Although it can be difficult, I will always regard it as an honor to share these private moments with family members when their loved one passes on.

As a Registered Respiratory Therapist, death became my life’s new normal. Although I had a special intuitive ability, I was even more intrigued to find out more about the spirit world so I could better assist in this beautiful transition of energy.

For two years I began my formal spiritual training with Near-Death Survivor Lorri Brewer. As my intuitive gift developed I quickly learned that there is more to life than just the physical world. I am now very confident in my spiritual intuitive abilities and I am able to extend my talent to help even more people outside of my profession.

As the gift of life is precious so too is the transition to the spirit world. This process may leave you with questions, worries, concerns, or fears. It is my honor to share my experience, talents, and abilities with you and help you get the answers you seek.

I truly look forward to helping you and your loved ones in all of life’s transitions. Don’t hesitate to email me at paranormal@lorribrewer.com if you have any questions.

Melissa Maycher