First Responder Cashback Real Estate Rebate

First Responders are those people who rush to assist us in situations that we are rushing away from.

They are a special breed of people who put others before themselves. Although they are a private tight-knit group they all experience crisis and tragedy the same.


This Real Estate Plan is Called: First Responder Real Estate Rebate.


First Responder Rebate Applies To: Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Personnel, Health Care Workers, Holistic Practitioners, and Caregivers.


Cashback Real Estate Rebate: Lorri Brewer will give 15% of her total real estate commission that she earns from any First Respond who completes a transaction with her.

A transaction commission can either be through the sale of listing a property or through the sale when you buy a property.

The Cashback Rebate is based on each transaction end.

It is a one-time referral fee payment based on a maximum of two transaction ends (selling a home and buying another home) and is payable to the names written on the real estate contractual agreement (Exclusive Seller Agreement & Offer to Purchase).


Therefore, if you list your home with Lorri and it sells and you then buy a home with Lorri, you will receive 15% from each transaction. That would be equal to 30% of Lorri’s total real estate commission.

For example, if a real estate commission total would be $3,000, the client would receive $450 as a Cash Back Real Estate Rebate when the transaction pays out.

The transaction payout date is approximately 10 days after possession date. This money is not inclusive of GST and is paid through the real estate brokerage.


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