Estates and Probate: Executor Assistance 

One of the largest problems that Executors encounter when dealing with a Will is selling the property of the deceased.

Some of the issues that Executors may have difficulty is in dealing with personal possessions, emotions of other family members, arguments, and preparing the property for sale.

The legality of probate and disposition of an estate requires knowledge and experience.  Some estate properties have been stigmatized or psychologically damaged which may only add to the list of issues.

For Estates and Probates I have created a listing plan that incorporates a Mediated-Dispute Resolution Plan for the Executor, family members, and beneficiaries to assist the Executor and the estate’s lawyer.

It is a high-touch plan that’s heavily involved but the sales process is much more effective and reduces potential legal costs by preventing family dispute issues.

My real estate commission will be 100% negotiable depending on the amount of equity within the home. Sometimes there is not enough to cover expenses and you need an agent that will be flexible.

However, not all Estates and Probates are troublesome but your listing agent still needs to have knowledge, skill, and expertise when selling the property.

If you are an Executor and need real estate assistance please don’t hesitate to contact Lorri. She will be happy to explain how her Mediated-Conflict Resolution Plan works based on your particular situation.

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