Selling a distressed property can seem almost impossible. Also know as stigmatized homes, these properties are left in the aftermath of a tragic event, crisis or accident.  Get a customized action plan for moving forward. 


Property Neglect

Homes can become overwhelmingly distressed if not properly maintained. There are solutions within reach to help re claim former glory. 


Tragic Event

Sales occurring around a tragic event such as loss of life, crime, or crisis need special attention and a delicate, compassionate touch.


Accidental Damage

In the event of a catastrophe such as fire or flood, the sale of a home may look dismal, let me  help find the right options for your needs.

Request Information

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Pre-Sale Preparation Assistance

Community Resolution Program
This is a conflict resolution debriefing to begin the remediation process
Private Open Houses
This is a discreet method to show the home to qualified buyers and investors without opening up the home to the general public.
Neighborhood Meeting

Designed to help unite the community in a public forum as the distressed property is being prepared to go on the market.

House Cleansing / Remediation
Depending on the situation, a tailored action plan will be formed to prepare the property for sale.