Stigmatized Property:  Selling Program Service

Property Research Investigation:  This is a new research process that investigates all physical aspects of the home from the current homeowners, historical owners, and police investigations to help the buyer feel confident in owning.

This can be made as a condition to the offer, so if you don’t like the results of the investigation, then you don’t have to buy the home.

Spiritual Advisors Home Inspection: This is a discreet meeting with appropriate spiritual energy workers to help buyers feel better about living in the property.

It gives buyers a confidential opportunity to ask any paranormal questions and give respect to their beliefs.

Neighborhood Interview:  This is an in depth interview of all the neighbors to gather local information and feedback.

Spiritual House Cleansing: Can be made part of the contract and is performed before possession. A complementary spiritual house cleansing follow up is routine.