Heaven Time-Wins 2 Literary Awards!

Heaven Time tells the incredible story of a journey from life to death and back to life again. Author Lorri Brewer bravely shares her deeply personal story to help us with questions we ponder about life after death.

Is there really a God? Do we have Guardian Angels? Are spirit guides real? Is there a Heaven? Is there life after physical death? Is there a Hell? Why am I afraid to die?

If you have ever asked just one of these questions, you will want to read this book! Heaven Time answers these questions and more based on the knowledge and insights Lorri received, and continues to receive, after recovering from her near-death experience and discovering new life. Be prepared to have your horizons broadened and your life uplifted.


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This review is from: Heaven Time (Kindle Edition) I have just finished reading Heaven Time by Lorri Brewer. I am so glad that this book found its way into my hands and my life. This is the most profound, well written and easy to read book on the existence of spirit; the realization of accessibility to spirit and truly “personal to the reader” spiritual growth that I have ever read. I admit that section two, was without a doubt, the actual beginning of a huge SHIFT in my life! Other books have touched me but Heaven Time’s “touch” DOES NOT GO AWAY!!! I whole-heartedly recommend reading this book! “Life changing” does not even come close to describing its effect on the reader. Way to go Ms. Brewer! I am so glad that you came back to us!

This review is from: Heaven Time (Paperback) I absolutely loved this book! I’ve read many books on out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, near death experiences, and all types of spiritually based literature. I can’t seem to get enough or quench my thirst for more. Having had an out of body experience myself about 25 years ago, I KNOW that spirituality is very real. So when I get a book that rings true and resonates with me, I tend to read it quickly. I virtually flew through this book. I couldn’t read it fast enough. When I finished, I thought to myself that this is one of the top 5 books that I’ve read to date along with Robert Monroe’s books on out of body experiences. Thank you Lorri Brewer for having the courage to tell the world your story and more importantly, your message. 5 stars from me!