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 Inspired means enthused, encouraged, moved.

Motivated means interested, driven, determined.

These words may seem very similar to most but to Lorri Brewer they are very different. Lorri is an exceptional inspirational-motivational speaker. Her rare speaking ability inspires her audiences and motivates them to change.

As an Inspirational Speaker, Lorri Brewer is very dynamic and eloquent. Her audiences are moved by the incredible story of her near-death experience and they are enthused by her remarkable triumph of recovery. They are always encouraged–not because of her story or her experience—but because she has stirred something deep within them.

As a Motivational Speaker, Lorri Brewer is personally very goal orientated and professionally driven which translates nicely to her dramatic flair and influentially charismatic personality.  Her drive and determination to succeed are contagious for her audiences and she is able to stimulate their determination to begin initiating and implementing healthy choices in their own lives.

As an Inspirational-Motivational Speaker, Lorri Brewer inspires audiences and motivates them to change. Inspiration alone is only good for the moment. Motivation without inspiration will never last. However, any message that is fueled with inspiration and packed with motivation will change lives and last a lifetime. That is a successful speaker!

Since Lorri’s near-death experience she has touched a wide range of audiences from radio, video blogs, social media, corporate-social mixers, business lunches,sales industry, Victim Services, Women’s Wellness Groups, medical profession, hospice, funeral home industry, bereavement and various church groups.

She is a two-time award winning author of her book, ‘Heaven Time-Discovering a New Way of Life After a Near-Death Experience’, Real Estate Practitioner, and Workshop Facilitator. As a CTM (Competent Toastmaster) she is very versatile in her speaking genre and is able to amaze audiences wherever she goes.

Lorri continues to help people internationally as her mission is to incorporate Mind, Body, and Spirit development to help people all over the world find their true soulful balance.


Hire Lorri Brewer For Your Next Event

Lorri Brewer is a rare inspirational-motivational speaker, refreshingly honest, and very easy to work with. Her down-to-earth personality, witty sense of humor, and passionate to work with your organization or group. 

If you need a speaker and depending on your audience, Lorri is available as a keynote speaker, inspirational speaker, motivational speaker, and/or inspirational-motivational speaker. She offers many intriguing topics but most often personalizes a topic specific for your audience.

Lorri is comfortable speaking in a large variety of settings ranging from radio/television shows, media, health care, hospices, small groups, conferences, retreats, expos, and church meetings.

Her speaking fees start at $500 and go up to $5,000 dependant upon the organization, her speaking time, preparation, platform, travel, and expenses. Lorri has a Flat Fee Policy which incorporates all travel and expenses allowing her clients the peace of mind when budgeting for a speaker.

Contact Lorri about speaking at your event or if you would like more information about her speaking genre.  


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