Since her near-death experience in 2010, Lorri Brewer realized that in order to be happy in our personal lives and attain professional success we must learn to simultaneously nurture our mind, body, and spirit. All of Lorri’s real estate services uniquely blend the perfect balance of professionalism, compassion, and dedication so all of her clients may attain their desired goals.

Whether your interaction with Lorri is real estate related or you are listening to her as a workshop facilitator, you will enjoy her fresh approach to problem solving and her ability to multi-task under high pressure situations. As an inspirational-motivational speaker you will hear how she gracefully deals with pain and conflict by adding a touch of gentle humor to soften difficult messages surrounding sensitive topics. 

Her passion to help communities grow and unite is evident in all aspects of her work and her meticulous attention to details has always been highly appreciated by all of her clients. Lorri’s near-death experience, her passion, and high energy are powerful combinations that are very rare to find.

Lorri Brewer’s work is centered around mind, body, and spirit development helping others to restore a peaceful balance back into their lives. This special talent is what sets her apart from other professionals and here is how she does it:

MIND:  As an award winning writer, Lorri is constantly writing, creating and developing interesting and thought provoking materials to help ease painful emotional issues and creative solutions to resolve problems quickly. 

BODY: As a gifted inspirational-motivational speaker and powerful workshop facilitator, Lorri makes healthy living a huge priority in her life so she can easily maintain her high energy stamina. She knows that when the body is depleted and aching, the mind and spirit cannot be in balance.

SPIRIT: As a near-death survivor, Lorri’s increased spiritual sense helps her to connect on a deeper level of consciousness with a variety of personalities from Financial Institutions, large corporations and small business, to First Responders, Victims of Crime, Grieving, to Children and the Elderly.


List of Services you may be interested in:

Real Estate Services 

Workshop Facilitator

Inspirational-Motivational Speaker

Spiritual House Cleansing 


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