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As Lorri meets hundreds of people, she often connects with many reputable real estate industry professionals and holistic spiritual practitioners that she thinks would benefit her clients.

The links on this page are the only ones that Lorri recommends at this time.  Use the services/products below with confidence.

If you would like to have your service or product listed below, please Contact Lorri Directly.



Orgone – Life Energy Generators

These powerful little devices, also known as orgonite, shift the vibrational frequency of their surroundings, and can transmute harmful energies into a beneficial form.

They are able to balance the electromagnetic environment, increase plant growth, provide deeper sleeps, more REM sleep, increases the probability of lucid dreams, promotes a happy, stable, and balanced mood, great aid for meditation, increases intuitive abilities, beneficial for immune function, and behaves like a powerful healing tool.

This is the only orgonite distributor that I will endorse. The creator personally develops each device, is located in Edmonton, Alberta, and you can see his work via his website. His name is A.J Cote and I’m proud to call him my son.

Mind, Body, Spirit Web Sites

Canadian Mental Health 

Healing Hearts Centre

Healthy Living Therapies


OrgoKnights-Orgone energy devices

Quantumwave: I Love my Laser! Watch informative 12 minute video, read some Testimonials and review some Clinical Studies.

Spirit Science

Spirit Science & Metaphysics

Holistic Practitioners Directories:

Healthy Living Therapies Alberta Association

Your Holistic Earth

Near Death Experiences:

Near Death Experience Research Foundation

International Association of Near Death Studies


Informative Real Estate Web Sites


Alberta Water Well Drilling Association – Non-Profit Organization

Alberta Water Well Information Database –  Database list and information on approx 500,000 drilled wells in Alberta, Canada.

Cistern Cleaning and Disinfection –  More information helping you to clean and disinfect your cistern.

Drinking Water: Environmental Public Health – Excellent information on clean drinking water.

Gas in Your Water Well –  Information regarding the gas that is in your well.

Groundwater: Environment Canada –  All information you may need on understanding groundwater.

Plugging An Old Well –  Excellent PDF explaining how to plug an old well properly.

Rural Water Quality Information Tool –  Great link to get your well water sampled and tested.

Upgrading Your Well in a Pit –  A printable PDF document showing you how to upgrade your well in a pit.

Water Wells that Last –  Learning more about how to make water wells last for generations.


Reads Lorri Recommends 

Long, Jeffrey & Perry, Paul (2010). Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences


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