About Lorri Brewer

LORRI BREWER is a verifiable near-death survivor who has felt death’s touch and lived to tell about it. She crossed over from this living plane to another energetic dimension that some might call Heaven.

Her near-death experience on September 19, 2010 crossed a boundary from being a physical human being into another energetic form. Today Lorri’s near-death survival has forever altered the way she conducts herself in business, relates with her clients, interacts with communities, and how she lives her life.

The return from her experience has left her with a heightened state of intuitive ability and an analytical view of universal consciousness. Her knowledge, experience, compassion, dedication, and communication ability is what keeps her professionally in high demand.

Her fresh new approach to problem solving, ability to transform high stress situations, and creative teaching methods empowers her audiences with the confidence to make healthy changes.

The traumatic event of her near-death experience became the catalyst for the creation of her Compassionate Care Real Estate Service, Workshops, Community Resolution Program, and her Paranormal Team.

However, the journey back from her near-death experience was not an easy one. Lorri struggled with her recovery questioning the validity of near-death experiences, the science/research behind intuitive abilities, legitimate physiological near-death after-effects, and the probability that consciousness could survive after the body dies.

Majority of near-death survivors do not like to speak about their experience for fear of ridicule and Lorri was no different. Even with the publication and huge success of her first book, Heaven Time-Discovering a New Way of Life After a Near-Death Experience, Lorri was still not comfortable having it distributed in any stores or speaking publicly about her private experience.

It was after her mother passed away in 2013, that Lorri made a decision to share all regardless of potential public ridicule and judgment. Reflecting on the long conversations she had with her mom about the meaning of life, understanding death, learning unwavering faith, and finding courage, Lorri decided it was time.

In May 2014 Lorri’s book Heaven Time was still not available in stores and was only being sold through her speaking events, expos, and to her clients. Nevertheless Heaven Time was sold out of copies and began its second print run.

Shortly after the second print run was completed, Heaven Time won Silver in the prestigious Living Now Book Award in the Metaphysical category. The award launched Lorri’s speaking and workshop/seminar popularity.

Recently in November 2015, Heaven Time was again being honored for its literary accomplishment by USA Best Book Awards as a Finalist in New Age: Non-Fiction category. As a two-time literary award recipient and professional keynote speaker Lorri was speaking regularly with hundreds of people from all walks of life.

Based on their feedback and their needs, Lorri began creating and developing her Compassionate Care Real Estate Service and her Community Resolution Program. The progress of these two programs demanded that a paranormal information category be added somehow.

In January 2016 the Paranormal Team was created and launched on April 1st, 2016. This is an informational and analytical team consisting of professionally educated Health Care Providers that deal with matters of the soul.

They are called into traumatic situations where crisis, pain, grief, homicide, suicide, etc may have taken place. Their service is used as a resource to help clear spiritual energy blockages, remove negative energy, educate and answer questions about spiritual energy.

They do not provide clergy services. They are generalized spiritual workers providing non-denominational resources to other human beings for all matters of the soul.

Lorri hand-picked two incredibly spiritual people as part of her Paranormal Team. They are intuitively gifted and amazingly accurate in their work. They develop their gift and practice working their talents every day. They are Melissa Maycher and Lindsay Welch.

Now with a huge surge in popularity due to Lorri’s new programs and services, you can only purchase Lorri’s book, Heaven Time-Discovering a New Way of Life After a Near-Death Experience from her publisher Aquarius Publishing, at one of her speaking events, or from her personally.

Today without any fear of ridicule, alienation, or contempt, Lorri Brewer openly and proudly shares her near-death experience, intuitive gifts, research, and knowledge publically. She lives in spiritual balance and knows that mind, body, spirit balance is living in synchronicity, harmony, and equilibrium with all universal connections.

Professionally she has successfully incorporated Mind, Body, Spirit balance when delivering all her professional services. This has not only proven to be beneficial for a client but also for any community to which we all share.


“Spiritual Balance (mind, body, spirit) is living in synchronicity, harmony, and equilibrium with all universal connections. I’m passionate about incorporating Mind, Body, Spirit balance whenever I develop or deliver any one of my professional services. It has proven to be not only beneficial to the client but also the whole community to which we all share.” Lorri Brewer