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I believe that living in balance means that your Mind, Body, and Spirit are in synchronicity, harmony, and equilibrium with all universal connections.

Before my near-death experience I did not understand what living a balanced life meant. Since 1997 I have been a real estate agent practicing in all areas: Residential, Commercial, Rural Acreages, Recreational Lake Homes, and Property Management.

In 2005 I graduated to Broker and soon after opened my own real estate brokerage. Throughout this time, I was also a single mom raising my young son. I also took care of both of my elderly parents who eventually passed away a couple years ago.

I worked really long hours to provide for my family but I often wondered if there was more to life than working and paying bills.

Since I was sixteen I had a non-life threatening cardiac condition. But on September 19, 2010 that cardiac condition proved to be fatal.

From then on, that experience has forever altered the way I love my family, how I treat my business and all of my clients, and instilled the utmost respect for the fragility of life.

Now I understand and enjoy living in balance and you will see it is evident within all aspects of my life. It’s just unfortunate I had to die to learn it!

Today it is my personal intention to leave this world a better place than I found it. As a real estate agent, inspirational-motivational speaker, and workshop/community facilitator I feel blessed to be helping people understand and connect with balance.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope to connect with you soon!







Real Estate Service

Lorri Brewer is a licensed real estate agent that has created a unique real estate service called: Compassionate Care Real Estate.

She specializes in the sale and marketing of Stigmatized Homes, Senior Housing Needs, and offers CASHBACK Bonus to any First Responder that buys or sells a home with her.

Key Note Speaker

Lorri Brewer is a truly dynamic keynote speaker who openly shares all the intimate details of her near-death experience and recovery. Lorri’s motivational talks are between 1-3 hours long and are deeply touching for all audience members. Anyone who has heard her speak knows that Lorri is passionate about living life to the fullest and she encourages others to do the same.

Paranormal Team

Lorri Brewer recruited two of the most talented medium-intuitive sisters as an integral part of her team. They have trained for more than two years and Lorri is very confident in their ability to resolve any paranormal issues or answer any of your questions.


Near Death Experiences Study Featured on Lorri’s Experience!

Testimonials & Book Reviews

What People Are Saying About My Work

“I really wanted to thank-you so much for taking the time and effort to have this workshop and share the knowledge. It was a wonderful, interactive, and open atmosphere that allowed for a full learning experience. Truly the knowledge you are sharing is some of the most important necessary to help bring about real change this world desperately needs. A shift in the world can only happen with people like you sharing.“
Jennifer MSatisfied Customer
"Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of sharing in your spiritual journey. You are a warm and kind person that has opened up your heart and soul to helping others whom are searching for the peace within one’s self. After attending your workshop ‘Spiritual Shift’, not only did you open your heart and soul but you also shared your knowledge and I am so glad that I was part of it. I look forward to attending future workshops and learning how to enhance my spiritual consciousness."
Diane MSatisfied Customer
“Bravo! I send you my heartfelt gratitude. I applaud your courage, kindness, and compassion as you put yourself out there. You are obviously authentic, down-to-earth, and approachable. No one who is spiritually aware would doubt your authenticity or judge you harshly. Your message is powerful, and so are you. Sitting in your energy at the Expo and reading your book served as a catalyst for a cascade of spiritual shifts and understandings in my life.”
Shannon YSatisfied Customer